Evolution Destroyed In 2 Minutes:

If You Like Train Wrecks, Get In Here


Funny. The only thing this video destroys is any hope that children being raised under the banner of creationism will ever have a grip on the basic principles of natural science. Suppose they mean well though, the holy folk at genesisapologetics.com that produced the video. They are, after all, doing everything they can to put a stop to all that sinning where you learn how words and numbers and shit work, so the fact that they’re selling a $50 soul-saving product at the end of the video probably shouldn’t indicate that getting your money is the only reason the video was ever made. No way. Just no way. No way christians would ever deliberately sabotage education as a means to ensure that their next generation of churchgoers will be just as clueless as the current, lacking the logic and reasonability to understand the value of skepticism and the function of questions, in order to uphold the god-fearing standard of uncontested exploitation. Nope. No fucking way. Miracles are the science of our soul, [insert additional hopelessly bullshit quote that grandmothers throughout the bible belt waste their finals days crocheting into pointless decor]. Bless your heart. ebvodeOh, and this is fun. Rumor has it the next segment in their  Debunking Evolution series is going to explore how Adam, Eve, and their three sons populated an entire planet full of kids that can count all the way up to potato, Uncle-Brother’s and Grandma-Aunts that wear their extra chromosomes like a self-righteous badge of honor, and a species altogether that thrives on  Survival of the Incest. Should be interesting to watch if you’re into the train wreck that occurs when you combine utter incompetence with delusional over-confidence. You know, kind of like King Joffrey, except in The Garden of Thrones.


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